1. rupoor:

    you can tell i progressively got more and more into the idea of mother snapchats

    this is cute

  2. Goddamnit I got to the City of Gold in Spelunky and died because a stupid caveman pummeled me into a tiki trap. I’m getting closer at least. 3 or 4 days ago I couldn’t even get to the jungle.

  3. tubartist:

Can’t wait to kick butt as Ness on that new Magicant stage.


    Can’t wait to kick butt as Ness on that new Magicant stage.

  4. malcolmsex:



    Every time this post comes around, I have to explain this. 

    Watch Dennou Coil, the most underrated anime pretty much ever. 

    • Yes, this is the standard of animation throughout the series. 
    • It’s basically about kids with what’s essentially Google Glass: The Game. The whole world is affected by this game. Traffic lights, school, anything. 
    • It’s good in the beginning and gets really, really good by the end. 
    • Shows the vulnerabilities of children.
    • Well-written children in general. They fall under some tropes but they don’t suffer from the usual fallacies of writing children into series. 
    • And yeah, the filler episodes are really good. The whole series is worth watching. 

    Reblogging as a reminder to myself

     wish this show was longer.

    Such a great show.

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  5. kalynnemarie:



    DAD NO

  6. toastydoodles:

    How to fix all problems in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Either that or, y’know, quitting after the first night!

    (No, Pirate Cove guy, you don’t get anything. >:C)

  7. nemesismess:

    if you have school tomorrow


  8. *explodes because of how good the music is in Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright*

  9. katribou:

kids ready for battle. maybe.


    kids ready for battle. maybe.

  10. presidentlaguna:

    I can’t believe Waluigi is the Hero of Time.